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Definition of: austere

(ô·stir) adjective
1. Severe, grave, or stern, as in aspect, disposition, judgment, or conduct.
2. Morally strict; abstemious; ascetic.
3. Sour and astringent.
4. Severely simple; unadorned. [<OF <L austerus <Gk. austēros harsh, bitter <auein dry]
Synonyms: hard, harsh, morose, relentless, rigid, rigorous, severe, stern, strict, unrelenting, unyielding. The austere person is severely simple or temperate, strict in self-restraint or discipline, and similarly unrelenting toward others. We speak of austere morality, rigid rules, rigorous discipline, stern commands, severe punishment, harsh speech or a harsh voice, hard requirements, strict injunctions, and strict obedience. Strict discipline holds one exactly and unflinchingly to the rule; rigorous discipline punishes severely any infraction of it.

Most often used phrases:

austere life
austere academy
austere style
austere lifestyle
austere conditions
austere beauty
austere environments
austere appearance
austere budget
austere building
austere facade
austere design
austere nature
extremely austere
austere version

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"austere" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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