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Definition of: dry

(drī) adjective dri·er, dri·est
1. Lacking moisture; not wet or damp; not fresh; not green, as wood; also, lacking lubrication, as bearings.
2. Thirsty.
3. Lacking interest; lifeless; dull.
4. Slyly jocose or satirical; shrewd, as wit.
5. Free from sweetness: said of wines; also, denoting any wine having 14 percent or less of alcohol.
6. Subject to or in favor of a prohibitory liquor law: a dry town.
7. Not giving milk: a dry cow.
8. Not liquid; solid: said of merchandise, etc.
9. Tearless: said of the eyes.
10. Characterized by absence of bloodshed.
11. Without butter: said of toast.
12. Wanting in cordiality; not genial.
v. dried, dry·ing v.t.
1. To make dry; rid of moisture.
2. To cure or preserve, as meat, fish, etc., by evaporation or desiccation.

3. To become dry.
—to dry up

1. To cease or cause to cease flowing.
2. Colloq. To stop talking.
noun plural dries

1. A state or condition of dryness; especially, a drought.
2. Often cap. Colloq. A prohibitionist. [OE drymacrge]
—dry′ly, dri′ly

Most often used phrases:

dry season
tropical dry
dry forests
dry dock
dry goods
dry shrubland
dry land
hot dry
dry air
dry summers
dry savanna
dry weight
dry climate
dry conditions
dry creek

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Statistical data

"dry" has the frequency of use of 0.01% on city-data.com forum

"dry" has the frequency of use of 0.0035% on en.wikipedia.org.

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