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Definition of: free

(frē) adjective fre·er, fre·est
1. Not bound by restrictions, physical, governmental, or moral; exempt from arbitrary domination or distinction; independent.
2. Not enslaved or in bondage.
3. Not believing in or permitting slavery.
4. Self–determining, whether as implying the absence of control through external causes in the form of physical forces, legal commands, or moral influences, or as asserting the mysterious and inexplicable spontaneity of the self as possessed of so–called free will.
5. Having, conferring, or characterized by political liberty; not subject to despotic or arbitrary rule; living under a government based on the consent of the people: a free nation.
6. Liberated, by reason of age, from the authority of parents or guardians: At 21 years a man is free.
7. Invested with certain franchises; enjoying certain immunities; given or allowed all privileges of: free of the city.
8. Exempt from or n