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Definition of: fit

(fit) adjective fit·ter, fit·test
1. Adapted to an end, aim, or design; adequate; competent; qualified.
2. Conformed to a standard, suitable; appropriate.
3. In a state of preparation; ready.
4. In good physical condition and training: originally a sporting use.
5. Suitable to the person or occasion; convenient; becoming; proper. See synonyms under ADEQUATE, APPROPRIATE, BECOMING, COMPETENT, CONVENIENT, GOOD, RIPE.
v. fit·ted or fit, fit·ting v.t.

1. To be suitable for: Dark days fit dark deeds.
2. To be of the right size and shape for.
3. To make or alter to the proper size or purpose: to fit a suit.
4. To provide with what is suitable or necessary: to fit a ship for sea.
5. To prepare or make qualified or ready: His experience fits him for the position.
6. To put in place carefully or exactly: to fit an arrow to a bow.

7. To be suitable or proper.
8. To be of the proper size, shape, etc.: This shoe fits. See synonyms under ADAPT, ACCOMMODATE, TEMPER.

1. An adjustment or agreement in size, form, or the like; suitability; adaptation.
2. A making ready; preparation.
3. Mech. a A part upon which something fits snugly; specifically, that part of a car axle upon which the wheel is forced. b The closeness or completeness of contact in machine parts, usually classified as loose, free, medium, snug, and wringing.
4. That which fits, as a piece of clothing. [ME fyt; origin uncertain]

Definition of: fit

(fit) noun
1. A sudden onset of an organic or functional disorder, often attended by convulsions, as in epilepsy; spasm.
2. A sudden overmastering emotion or feeling; a mood: a fit of rage.
3. Impulsive and irregular exertion or action: a fit of industry.
—by fits (or by fits and starts)
Spasmodically; irregularly.
[OE fitt struggle]

Definition of: fit

(fit) noun
1. A song, story, or ballad.
2. A division of a ballad or song. [OE fitt]

Definition of: fit

(fit) noun Scot.
A foot; step.

Most often used phrases:

doesn t fit
don t fit
sees fit
good fit
didn t fit
perfect fit
fit inside
physically fit
easily fit
also fit
wouldn t fit
fit perfectly
wii fit
fit nicely
fit neatly

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Statistical data

"fit" has the frequency of use of 0.0166% on city-data.com forum

"fit" has the frequency of use of 0.0038% on en.wikipedia.org.

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