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Definition of: french

(french) v.t.
To prepare (chops or rib roasts) by trimming the meat from the ends of the bones.

Definition of: French

(french), Daniel Chester,
1850–1931, U. S. sculptor.
—Sir John Denton Pinkstone,

1852–1925, first Earl of Ypres, British field marshal in World War I.

Definition of: French

(french) adjective
Pertaining to, from, or characteristic of France, its people, or their language.

1. The people of France collectively: with the.
2. The Romance language of France, belonging to the Italic subfamily of Indo–European languages.
—Old French

The French language from about 850 to 1400, directly descended from Vulgar Latin as it developed in Gaul. Old French had two especially important dialects, the langue d'oïl, spoken north of the Loire, and the langue d'oc (Provençal), spoken south of it. Modern French is derived from the former, with the central French dialect of Paris as the standard. Abbr. OF
—Middle French

The French language as spoken from about 1400 to 1600. Abbr. MF
—Modern French

The language of France after 1600. Abbr. F [OE Frencisc <Franca a Frank]

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Statistical data

"french" has the frequency of use of 0.0072% on city-data.com forum

"french" has the frequency of use of 0.024% on en.wikipedia.org.

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