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Definition of: John

(jon) noun Slang
1. A toilet.
2. A man who patronizes a prostitute.

Definition of: John

A masculine personal name: often used, especially in phrases or compounds, to denote a man or boy in general. [<Hebrew, the grace of the Lord]

One of the twelve apostles, son of Zebedee and brother of James: also, the Gospel according to this apostle, or one of the three Epistles written by him: also called “Saint John the Evangelist.”

Son of Zacharias; the forerunner of Jesus; beheaded by Herod Antipas: known as John the Baptist.

1166?–1216, king of England 1199–1216; signed Magna Carta, 1215: called “John Lackland.”
—John I,

1357–1433, king of Portugal 1385–1433; made treaty alliance with England, 1386: called “John the Great.”
—John II,

1319–64, king of France 1350–64; defeated at Poitiers, imprisoned in England: called “John the Good.”
—John III,

1624–96, king of Poland 1674–96; fought against the Turks: real name John Sobieski.
—John IV,

1605–56, king of Portugal 1640–1656; founder of the Braganza dynasty: called “John the Fortunate.”
—John XXIII,

1881–1963, real name Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli; pope 1958–63.
—John Chrysostom, Saint,

347?–407, one of the four Greek Christian fathers; patriarch of Constantinople.
—John of Austria, Don,

1547–78, natural son of Emperor Charles V; defeated Turks at Le-panto, 1571.
—John of Damascus, Saint,

700? –754?, Greek theologian: also called “John Damascene.”
—John of Gaunt,

1340–99, duke of Lancaster, son of Edward III of England; patron of Chaucer and Wyclif.
—John of Leiden,

1500?–36, Dutch Anabaptist leader.
—John of Salisbury,

died 1180, English churchman.
—John of the Cross, Saint,

1542–91, Spanish mystic: also Spanish San Juan de la Cruz.

Definition of: John

(jon), Augustus Edwin,
1878–1961, English portrait painter.

Most often used phrases:

sir John
John f
John c
John d
saint John
John wiley
John lennon
John b
elton John
John henry
John e
John s
John mccain
John de
president John

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Statistical data

"john" has the frequency of use of 0.0173% on city-data.com forum

"John" has the frequency of use of 0.0518% on en.wikipedia.org.

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