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Definition of: personal

(pûrsən·əl) adjective
1. Pertaining to or characteristic of a particular person; not general or public: a purely personal matter.
2. Belonging or relating to or constituting a person or persons, as distinguished from things; characteristic of human beings or free agents.
3. Performed by or done to the person directly concerned; done in person: a personal service.
4. Affecting or relating to one individually: personal habits.
5. Of or pertaining to the body or appearance: personal beauty.
6. Directly characterizing an individual; hence, concerning one's character or conduct, often in the sense of disparaging.
7. Law Appertaining to the person; movable: personal effects.
8. Gram. Denoting or indicating the person: personal pronouns.

1. Law A movable article of property; chattel.
2. A paragraph or advertisement of personal reference or application. [<OF <LL personalis <L persona a person]

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