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Definition of: gospel

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(gospəl) noun
1. Good news or tidings, especially the message of salvation preached by Jesus Christ and the apostles; the teaching of the Christian church.
2. Usually cap. A portion of the Gospels read during the eucharistic services of some churches.
3. Any doctrine concerning human welfare which is considered of great importance.
4. Anything which is regarded as absolutely true.
v.t. ·peled or ·pelled, ·pel·ing or ·pel·ling
Obs. To preach the gospel to.
adjective Relating to or agreeing with the gospel; evangelical; veritable.
[OE godspell good news, trans. of Gk. euangelion. See EVANGEL.]

Definition of: Gospel

(gospəl) noun
A narrative of Christ's life and teaching as given in one of the first four books of the New Testament.

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