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Definition of: field

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(fēld) noun
1. A piece of cleared land set apart and enclosed for tillage or pasture. ◆ Collateral adjective: campestral.
2. A plot of land set apart for a particular use: the potter's field.
3. A region of the countryside considered as yielding some natural product: the coalfields of Pennsylvania.
4. Mil. a A sphere of action or place of contest, b A battle-ground, c A battle: a hard–fought field.
5. Open or unenclosed countryside: the beast of the field.
6. Any wide or open expanse: the fields of ocean.
7. Sphere of study, investigation or practice.
8. In painting, the surface of canvas upon which the figures of a composition are set.
9. That portion of the face of a coin or medal which is not occupied by the type or principal figure.
10. The ground of each section of a flag: a blue field with white stars.
11. In games, the plot of ground on which the game is played; especially, in baseball, the outfield, or part outside the diamond; in baseball and cricket, the fielders collectively. For illustration see BASEBALL.
12. Her. The whole surface of the escutcheon upon which the charges and bearings are depicted, or of each separate coat when the shield contains quarterings or impalements. See illustration under ESCUTCHEON.
13. Physics a A portion of space at every point of which force is exerted, b The force exerted therein: the magnetic field, a field of force.
14. Optics The space or apparent surface within which objects are seen in a telescope or other optical instrument.
15. The participants in a hunt; all the competitors in a contest or race; also, the contestants exclusive of the favorites in the betting.
—to keep the field

1. To hold one's ground against all opposers.
2. To continue active operations.

1. Of, pertaining to, or found in the fields: field flowers.
2. Used in, or for use in, the fields: a field gun.
3. Played on a field: field sports.
v.t. In baseball, cricket, etc.

1. To catch and return (a ball in play).
2. To put (a player or team) on the field.

3. In baseball, cricket, etc., to play as a fielder. [OE feld]

Definition of: field


Definition of: Field

(fēld), Cyrus West,
1819–92, U.S. merchant; laid the first transatlantic cable, 1858, and a second in 1866.

1850–95, U.S. poet and journalist.

1834–1906, U.S. merchant.

Most often used phrases:

field guide
track field
playing field
field theory
football field
left field
home field
quantum field
center field
vector field
air field
field athlete
gravitational field
wrigley field
field house

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