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Definition of: object

(əb·jekt) v.i.
1. To offer arguments or opposition; dissent.
2. To feel or state disapproval; be averse.

3. To offer as opposition or criticism; charge. See synonyms under OPPOSE. [<L objectus, pp. of objicere <ob- towards, against + jacere throw]

Definition of: object

(objikt, -jekt) noun
1. Anything that lies within the cognizance of the senses; especially, anything tangible or visible; any material thing.
2. That which is affected or intended to be affected by feeling or action.
3. That on which one sets his mind as an end; purpose; aim.
4. Gram. A noun or pronoun to which the action of a transitive verb is directed, or which receives or endures the effect of this action. A direct object receives the direct action of the verb, as in the sentence “He ate the pie,” pie is the direct object of ate; an indirect object receives the secondary action of the verb, as in “She gave him the pie,” him is the indirect object of gave.
5. Colloq. A person of pitiable or ridiculous aspect; any sight that evokes laughter, disgust, pity, etc. See synonyms under AIM, DESIGN, PURPOSE, REASON. [<Med. L objectum something thrown in the way <L objectus. See OBJECT1.]

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