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Definition of: pity

(pitē) noun plural pit·ies
1. The feeling of grief or pain awakened by the misfortunes or sorrows of others; compassion.
2. That which arouses compassion; misfortune.
v.t. & v.i. pit·ied, pit·y·ing
To feel compassion or pity (for).
[<OF pitet, pitié <LL pietas, -tatis. Doublet of PIETY.]
Synonyms (noun): commiseration, compassion, condolence, mercy, sympathy, tenderness. Pity is a feeling of grief or pain aroused by the weakness, misfortunes, or distresses of others, joined with a desire to help or relieve. Sympathy (feeling or suffering with) implies some degree of equality, kindred, or union; pity is for what is weak or unfortunate; hence pity is often resented where sympathy would be welcomed. We have sympathy with one in joy or grief, in pleasure or pain, pity only for those in suffering or need. Pity may be only in the mind, but mercy does something for those who are its objects. Compassion, like pity, is exercised only with respect to the suffering or unfortunate, but combines with the tenderness of pity the dignity of sympathy and the active quality of mercy. Commiseration is as tender as compassion, but more remote and hopeless; we have commiseration for sufferers whom we cannot reach or cannot relieve. Condolence is the expression of sympathy. See MERCY. Antonyms: barbarity, brutality, cruelty, ferocity, hard–heartedness, harshness, inhumanity, mercilessness, pitilessness, rigor, ruthlessness, severity, sternness, truculence.

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