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Definition of: desire

(di·zīr) v.t. ·sired, ·sir·ing
1. To wish or long for; covet; crave.
2. To express a wish for; ask for; request.

1. An earnest wishing for something; longing; craving; yearning.
2. A request; wish; prayer.
3. An object desired.
4. Appetite; passion; lust. [<OF desirer <L desiderare,? <de- from + sidus, sideris star; with ref. to astrology]
Synonyms (noun): appetency, appetite, aspiration, concupiscence, coveting, craving, hankering, inclination, longing, proclivity, propensity, wish. Inclination is the mildest of these terms; it is a quiet, or even a vague or unconscious, tendency. Even when we speak of a strong or decided inclination we do not express the intensity of desire. Desire has a wide range, from the highest objects to the lowest; desire is for an object near at hand, or near in thought, and viewed as attainable; a wish may be for what is remote or uncertain; or even for what is recognized as impossible. Craving is stronger than hankering; hankering may be the result of a fitful and capricious appetite; craving may be the imperious and reasonable demand of the whole nature. Longing is a reaching out with deep and persistent demand for that which is viewed as now distant but at some time attainable; as, the captive's longing for release. Coveting ordinarily denotes wrong desire for that which is another's. Compare APPETITE, FANCY, INCLINATION. Antonyms: see synonyms for ANTIPATHY.

Most often used phrases:

sexual desire
strong desire
heart s desire
named desire
burning desire
human desire
great desire
expressed desire
silhouette desire
genuine desire
sincere desire
s desire
htc desire
intense desire
stated desire

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