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(gun) noun
1. A metal tube for firing projectiles by the force of an explosive, by compressed air, or a spring, together with its stock and other attachments.
2. A piece of ordnance with a flat trajectory.
3. Any portable firearm except a pistol or revolver, as a rifle, musket, carbine, etc.
4. U.S. Colloq. A pistol or revolver.
5. The discharge of a cannon, as in firing salutes or signaling.
6. The throttle controlling the action of an internal-combustion engine, as in an automobile or airplane.
7. Any device resembling a gun in shape or operation: a grease gun.
v. gunned, gun·ning v.i.

1. To go hunting with a gun.
2. To shoot with a gun.
3. To seek with intent to harm or kill: with for.
4. To seek eagerly: with for. to gun for votes.
5. U.S. Colloq. To go or drive at great speed.

6. U.S. Colloq. To shoot (someone).
7. U.S. Colloq. To open the throttle of, as an engine, so as to increase the speed of operation. [ME gonne, gunne <ON gunna, orig. a nickname for Gunnhildr, fem. personal name]

Most often used phrases:

machine gun
gun control
gun fire
main gun
top gun
gun turrets
gun battle
gun turret
naval gun
anti aircraft gun
light gun
gun emplacements
anti tank gun
smoking gun
gun violence

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Statistical data

"gun" has the frequency of use of 0.0132% on city-data.com forum

"gun" has the frequency of use of 0.0053% on en.wikipedia.org.

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