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Definition of: increase

(in·krēs) v. ·creased, ·creas·ing v.i.
1. To become greater, as in amount, size, degree, etc.; grow.
2. To grow in numbers, especially by reproduction: May your tribe increase.

3. To make greater, as in amount, size, degree, etc.; augment; enlarge.
noun (inkrēs)

1. The act or process of growing larger, as in quantity, size, degree, etc.; augmentation; enlargement; extension.
2. An added or increased amount; increment: an increase in pay.
3. A production of offspring; propagation: blessed with a large increase.
4. Offspring; progeny.
5. Archaic. Crops of the earth. [OF encreistre <L increscere <in- in + crescere grow <creare create]
Synonyms (verb): advance, aggravate, augment, enhance, enlarge, exaggerate, extend, heighten, intensify, magnify, prolong, raise. See ADD, AGGRAVATE, AMPLIFY, FLOURISH, PROPAGATE, SWELL. Antonyms: abbreviate, abridge, contract, curtail, decrease, diminish. Synonyms (noun): access, accession, accretion, addendum, addition, aggravation, amplification, appendage, augmentation, complement, enhancement, enlargement, expansion, extension, growth, harvest, improvement, increment, product, reenforcement, return. See ACCESSION, HARVEST, PROGRESS. Antonyms: abbreviation, contraction, deduction, diminution, expenditure, loss, subtraction, waste.

Most often used phrases:

significantly increase
significant increase
also increase
increase in re
increase readers
percent increase
highest increase
population increase
rapid increase
tax increase
increase awareness
dramatic increase
percentage increase
greatly increase
ge increase

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Statistical data

"increase" has the frequency of use of 0.0128% on city-data.com forum

"increase" has the frequency of use of 0.0079% on en.wikipedia.org.

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