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Definition of: amplify

(amptə·fī) v. ·fied, ·fy·ing v.t.
1. To enlarge or increase in scope, significance, or power.
2. To add to so as to make more complete, as by illustrations.
3. To exaggerate; magnify.
4. Electr. To increase the strength or amplitude of, as electromagnetic impulses.

5. To make additional remarks; expatiate. [ < F amplifier < L amplificare < amplus large + facere make]
(amplə·fi·kā′tiv, am·plifi·kə·tiv), am·plif·i·ca·to·ry (am·plifi·kətôr′ē, -tō′rē) adjective
Synonyms: augment, develop, dilate, enlarge, expand, expatiate, extend, increase, unfold, widen. Amplify is now chiefly applied to discourse or writing, signifying to make fuller in statement, as by stating fully what was before only implied, or by adding illustrations to make the meaning more readily apprehended, etc. We may develop a thought, expand an illustration, extend a discussion, expatiate on a hobby, dilate on some theme or incident, enlarge a volume, unfold a scheme, widen the range of treatment. Compare ADD. Antonyms: abbreviate, abridge, amputate, compress, condense, curtail, delete, epitomize, reduce, retrench, shorten, summarize, contract, tighten.

Most often used phrases:

amplify sound
amplify signals
also amplify
greatly amplify
amplify dna
amplify light
amplify small
me amplify
amplify specific
amplify electrical
amplify global
amplify sounds
helps amplify
amplify rna
amplifiers amplify

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"amplify" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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