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Definition of: accession

(ak·seshən) noun
1. One who or that which is added; addition.
2. Attainment, as of office; succession to a throne; induction or elevation.
3. Access; admittance; approach: the accession of light.
4. Assent; agreement; consent.
5. Law The acquisition of property of a concomitant nature by virtue of the ownership of the principal, to which it is accessory as an incident.
6. A beginning, increase, or paroxysm, of disease, anger, folly, etc. See ACCESS.
v.t. To record, as additions to a library or museum.
[<L accessio, -onis <accedere.
ac·ces′sion·al adjective
Synonyms (noun): addition, arrival augmentation, enlargement, extension, inauguration, increase, influx. See ENTRANCE.

Most often used phrases:

accession codes
accession number
eu accession
accession code
accession negotiations
s accession
accession treaty
elizabeth s accession
accession day
accession numbers
accession records
accession date
accession talks
accession process
mary s accession

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Statistical data

"accession" has the frequency of use of 0.0006% on en.wikipedia.org.

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