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Definition of: disease

(di·zēz) noun
1. Disturbed or abnormal structure or physiological action in the living organism as a whole, or in any of its parts.
2. A morbid condition resulting from such disturbance.
3. Any disturbed or abnormal condition in organic substances, as wines, liquors, etc.; a taint.
4. Obs. Uneasiness; inconvenience; discomfort; discontent.
v.t. ·eased, ·eas·ing

1. To cause disease in; disorder; derange.
2. Obs. To make uneasy; distress. [<AF, OF desaise <des- away (<L dis-) + aise EASE]
Synonyms (noun): affection, ailment, complaint, disorder, distemper, illness, indisposition, infirmity, malady, sickness, unhealthiness, unsoundness. Disease is the general term for deviation from health; in a more limited sense it denotes some definite morbid condition; disorder and affection are rather partial and limited; as, a nervous affection; a disorder of the digestive system. Although sickness was generally used in English speech and literature, till the close of the eighteenth century at least, for every form of physical disorder, there is now a tendency to restrict the words sick and sickness to nausea, and to hold ill and illness as the proper words to use in a general sense. We speak of trifling ailments, a slight indisposition, a serious or a deadly disease; a slight or severe illness; an insidious, serious, severe, or deadly disease. Complaint is a popular term, which may be applied to any degree of ill health, slight or severe. Infirmity denotes a chronic or lingering weakness or disability, as blindness or lameness. See ILLNESS. Antonyms: health, robustness, sanity, soundness, strength, sturdiness, vigor.

Most often used phrases:

disease control
cardiovascular disease
kidney disease
liver disease
lyme disease
crohn s disease
lung disease
huntington s disease
disease caused
chronic disease
artery disease
disease prevention
pulmonary disease
rare disease
skin disease

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"disease" has the frequency of use of 0.0048% on en.wikipedia.org.

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