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Definition of: literature

(litər·ə·choobrever, litrə·chər) noun
1. The written or printed productions of the human mind collectively.
2. Written works which deal with themes of permanent and universal interest, characterized by creativeness and grace of expression, as poetry, fiction, essays, etc.: distinguished from works of scientific, technical, or journalistic nature; belles–lettres.
3. The writings that pertain to a particular epoch, country, language, subject, or branch of learning: ancient literature; the literature of chemistry.
4. The act or occupation of a literary man; literary work.
5. Acquaintance with letters or books; learning.
6. Music The total number of compositions for a particular instrument or ensemble.
7. Any printed matter used or distributed for advertising or political purposes, etc.: campaign literature. [<L litteratura <littera letter] Synonyms: belles–lettres, books, publications, writings. Literature is collective, referring to all that has been written in some land or age, or in some department of human knowledge: the literature of Greece; the literature of art. Literature, used absolutely, denotes belles–lettres, i.e., the works collectively that embody taste, feeling, loftiness of thought, and purity and beauty of style, as poetry, history, fiction, and dramatic compositions. In the broad sense we speak of the literature of science; in the narrower sense, we speak of literature and science as distinct departments of knowledge. Literature is also used to signify literary pursuits or occupations: to devote one's life to literature. Compare KNOWLEDGE.

Most often used phrases:

english literature
children s literature
american literature
comparative literature
scientific literature
french literature
chinese literature
russian literature
german literature
world literature
medical literature
japanese literature
modern literature
dutch literature
greek literature

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"literature" has the frequency of use of 0.0097% on en.wikipedia.org.

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