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Definition of: anger

(anggər) noun
Violent vindictive passion; sudden and strong displeasure, as a result of injury, opposition, or mistreatment; wrath; ire.

1. To make angry; enrage.
2. Dial. To inflame; make painful. See synonyms under INCENSE1. [ < ON angr grief] Synonyms (noun): animosity, choler, displeasure, exasperation, fury, hatred, impatience, indignation, ire, irritation, offense, passion, rage, resentment, temper, wrath. Anger is sharp, sudden, and, like all violent passions, necessarily brief. Resentment (a feeling back or feeling over again) is persistent brooding over injuries. Rage drives one beyond the bounds of prudence or discretion: fury is stronger yet, and sweeps one away into uncontrollable violence. Anger is personal and usually selfish. Wrath is deeper, more enduring than anger, and may be vengeful. Indignation is impersonal and unselfish displeasure at unworthy acts (L indigna), that is, at wrong as wrong. Pure indignation is not followed by regret, and is often a duty. See HATRED. Antonyms: forbearance, gentleness, long-suffering, patience, peace, peaceableness, peacefulness, self-control.

Most often used phrases:

anger management
out of anger
kenneth anger
public anger
darol anger
expressed anger
great anger
anger issues
fear anger
caused anger
anger fear
express anger
widespread anger
extreme anger
god s anger

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"anger" has the frequency of use of 0.0035% on city-data.com forum

"anger" has the frequency of use of 0.0011% on en.wikipedia.org.

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