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Definition of: list

(list) noun
A series of words, numbers, names, etc., as on a strip of paper; a roll or catalog.
v.t. To place on or in a list or catalog, especially in alphabetical or numerical order.
[<OF liste <OHG līsta]

Definition of: list

(list) noun
1. The selvage or edge of a woven textile fabric.
2. Selvages, collectively.
3. A strip of fabric.
4. A colored stripe.
5. A narrow strip of wood cut from a plank.
6. Agric. A ridge or furrow made with a lister in cultivating corn.
7. plural The palisades bounding a piece of ground used as a jousting field; hence, the field itself.
—to enter the lists
To accept a challenge; enter a contest or discussion.

1. To cover with lists of cloth.
2. To sew or arrange in strips or stripes.
3. Agric. a To plow by means of a lister. b To plant by means of a lister.
4. In carpentry, to remove the rough edge of, as a board. [OE līste]

Definition of: list

(list) v.t. & v.i.
1. To lean or incline to one side; careen, as a ship.
2. Archaic To wish or choose; please.

1. A careening; leaning or inclination of a ship to one side.
2. Archaic Desire; wish. [OE lystan <lust desire]

Definition of: list

(list) v.t. & v.i. Poetic
To listen to or listen. See synonyms under LISTEN. [OE hlystan <hlyst hearing]

Definition of: List

(list), Siegmund Wilhelm Walther,
born 1880, German field marshal in World War II.

Most often used phrases:

complete list
s list
long list
full list
featured list
episode list
partial list
also list
red list
track list
list includes
list article
topics list
incomplete list
list evidence

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