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Definition of: capital

(kapə·təl) adjective
1. Standing at the head or beginning; chief; principal.
2. Excellent; admirable.
3. Of or pertaining to the death penalty; punishable with death.
4. Of or pertaining to funds or capital. See synonyms under EXCELLENT, GOOD.

1. The chief city or town of a country, state, province, etc., usually the seat of government.
2. A capital letter.
3. Wealth employed in or available for producing more wealth.
4. Property used in the business of a firm or corporation at a valuation on which profits and dividends are calculated.
5. The aggregate of the products of industry directly available for the support of human existence or for promoting additional production.
6. Possessors of wealth, as a class.
7. Any resource or circumstance that can be utilized for an ambitious objective. ◆Homophone: capitol. [<F <L capitalis <caput head]
A. Doric.
a. Abacus. b. Echinus. c. Channeled shaft.
B. Egyptian.
C. Ionic.
D. Corinthian.
E. Byzantine.
F. Romanesque.

Definition of: capital

(kapə·təl) noun Archit.
The upper member of a column or pillar. ◆Homophone: capitol. [<L capitellum, double dim. of caput head]

Most often used phrases:

regional capital
capital city
state capital
venture capital
national capital
capital olsztyn
provincial capital
capital lublin
capital szczecin
capital kielce
new capital
capital markets
capital partners
capital region
district capital

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Statistical data

"capital" has the frequency of use of 0.007% on city-data.com forum

"capital" has the frequency of use of 0.0128% on en.wikipedia.org.

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