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Definition of: objective

(əb·jektiv) adjective
1. Of or belonging to an object; having the nature of an object or being that which is thought of or perceived, as opposed to that which thinks or perceives; outside the mind: opposed to subjective.
2. Directed to or pertaining to an object or end: an objective goal.
3. Having independent existence apart from experience or thought; substantive; self–existent.
4. Directing the mind or activity toward external things without reference to personal sensations; also, resulting from such direction; hence, representing things as they are; unbiased by thoughts, emotions, opinions, etc.: said of an artist, a writer, etc., or of his habits of thought.
5. Made up of objects represented precisely as they are, without idealization; realistic: said of a work of art, as a picture.
6. Gram. Denoting the case of the object of a transitive verb or of a preposition; accusative.

1. Gram. a The objective or accusative case. b A word in this case.
2. Optics An object glass.
3. A result to be achieved or a point to be reached in any military action; the assigned goal of a mission. [<Med. L objectivus <objectum. See OBJECT2.]

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