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(frām) v. framed, fram·ing v.t.
1. To surround with or put in a frame.
2. Colloq. To incriminate falsely.
3. To put together; build, as a house.
4. To put in words; utter: to frame a reply.
5. To draw up; put in proper form: to frame a law.
6. To think out; arrange; conceive, as a plan or theory.
7. To shape or adapt to a purpose; dispose: to frame oneself to obedience.

8. Obs. To move; go. See synonyms under CONSTRUCT, MAKE.

1. Something composed or constructed of parts, whether physical or mental, united and adjusted to one another in a system; a construction.
2. The general arrangement or constitution of a thing.
3. Structure or build, as of a person.
4. The supporting and formative parts of a structure, put together so as to sustain and give shape to the whole.
5. A machine characterized by a wooden framework or structure: a silk frame.
6. A case or border made to enclose or surround a thing.
7. A mental state or condition; mood.
8. In tenpins and bowling, a division of the game during which a player bowls at one setting of the pins.
9. The triangular frame in which the balls in a pool game are bunched ready for the break.
10. One of the complete exposures in a roll of motion-picture film.
11. In television, a single complete scanning of the field of view by the electronic or other scanning device.
12. Form; proportion.
13. The act of contriving or inventing.
14. Colloq. A frame-up. [OE framian benefit] Synonyms (noun): fabric, form, framework, order, structure, system. See BODY, FORM, TEMPER.

Most often used phrases:

time frame
reference frame
frame rate
steel frame
frame s
frame building
wood frame
single frame
frame structure
inertial frame
wooden frame
full frame
frame construction
frame relay
timber frame

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