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Definition of: association

(ə·sō′sē·āshən, -shē-) noun
1. An associating or the act of associating.
2. The state of being associated; fellowship; companionship.
3. A body of persons associated for some common purpose; corporation; society; partnership.
4. U.S. An organized, unchartered body of persons analogous to but distinguished legally from a corporation.
5..Chem. An aggregate, as of molecules: (H2O)2 is an association of two molecules of water.
6. Ecol. A grouping of many plant species over a wide area, sharing a common habitat and similar geographic conditions: a forest association.
7. Psychol. a The connection or relation of ideas, feelings, etc., with each other, with objects suggesting them, or with subjects of thought, by means of which their succession in the mind is determined. b The process of establishing such a connection.
8. Brit. Association football.
ci·a′·tion·al adjective
Synonyms: alliance, club, community, companionship, company, confederacy, confederation, conjunction, connection, corporation, familiarity, federation, fellowship, fraternity, friendship, lodge, partnership, society, union. We speak of an alliance of nations, a club of pleasure-seekers, a community of Shakers, a company of soldiers or of friends, a confederacy, confederation, federation, or union of states, a partnership, corporation, or company in business, a conjunction of planets, a religious, literary, or scientific association or society. See ACQUAINTANCE, ALLIANCE, ASSOCIATE, CLASS, FRIENDSHIP, INTERCOURSE. Antonyms: disconnection, disunion, independence, isolation, separateness, separation, severance, solitude.

Most often used phrases:

football association
national association
athletic association
basketball association
american association
bar association
industry association
international association
hockey association
medical association
alumni association
historical association
wrestling association
writers association
press association

Statistical data

"association" has the frequency of use of 0.0046% on city-data.com forum

"association" has the frequency of use of 0.0216% on en.wikipedia.org.

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