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Definition of: aid

(ād) v.t. & v.i.
To render assistance (to); help; succor.

1. The act or result of helping or succoring, or the means employed; cooperation; assistance.
2. A person or thing that affords assistance; a helper; assistant; aide-de-camp.
3. Law A remedy; correction; also, a subsidy.
4. In medieval law, a pecuniary contribution by a feudal vassal to his lord, limited by Magna Carta to three special occasions. See synonyms under ADHERENT, AUXILIARY, HELP, SUBSIDY. [<OF aider <L royal prerogatives. [<OF accrocher <a to + croc hook] Synonyms (verb): abet, assist, befriend, cooperate, encourage, foster, help, second, serve, succor, support, sustain, uphold.
Help expresses greater dependence and deeper need than aid. To aid is to second another's exertions, but may fall short of the meaning of help. In
law, to aid or abet makes one a principal. (Compare synonyms for ACCESSORY).
To cooperate or collaborate implies complete or approximate equality, collaborate being used chiefly of literary or scientific work; to assist implies a subordinate and secondary relation. One assists a fallen friend to rise and cooperates in helping others. We encourage the timid or despondent, succor those in danger, support the weak, uphold those who else might be shaken or cast down. Compare ABET, ACCESSORY, PROMOTE, Antonyms: counteract, discourage, hinder, obstruct, oppose, resist, thwart, withstand.

Most often used phrases:

financial aid
legal aid
humanitarian aid
foreign aid
military aid
aid in re
aid society
mutual aid
live aid
medical aid
international aid
development aid
food aid
federal aid
aid workers

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"aid" has the frequency of use of 0.0046% on en.wikipedia.org.

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