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Definition of: finish

(finish) v.t.
1. To complete or bring to an end; come to the end of.
2. To perfect finally or in detail, as a portrait.
3. To use up; dispose of.
4. Colloq. To kill or destroy.
5. Colloq. To defeat; make powerless.

6. To reach or come to an end; stop.
7. Obs. To die.

1. The conclusion or last stage of anything.
2. The process or effect of perfecting or beautifying anything: the finish of a statue; cloth of a fine finish.
3. Perfection in speech or manner; social poise.
4. The joinery and cabinetwork necessary to complete the interior of a building.
5. That which finishes or completes.
6. A material, as oil, used in finishing. See synonyms under END. [<OF feniss-, stem of fenir end <L finire <finis an end] Synonyms (verb): accomplish, achieve, close, complete, conclude, elaborate, end, perfect, polish, terminate. In addition to its meaning of completing by which it is synonymous with close, conclude, end, terminate, etc., finish has come to denote the bringing to perfection of every minutest detail, especially of superficial elegance, refinement, or beauty, and is thus a close synonym of elaborate, perfect, polish, etc., as in the expression, to add the finishing touches. Compare END v. Antonyms: begin, commence, found, inaugurate, initiate, institute, open, originate, start, undertake. Compare synonyms for BEGIN.

Most often used phrases:

place finish
finish line
big finish
finish productions
finish second
finish third
podium finish
cup finish
finish fourth
second place finish
highest finish
league finish
individual finish
finish first
third place finish

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"finish" has the frequency of use of 0.0044% on en.wikipedia.org.

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