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Definition of: fine

(fīn) adjective fin·er, fin·est
1. Excellent in quality; admirable; superior.
2. Suggesting lightness; light or delicate; not coarse, gross, or dull; subtle; thin; keen.
3. Showy in appearance or style; pretentious; ostentatious.
4. Delicate of perception; refined; sensitive; nice.
5. Refined, as sirup.
6. Having a high or specified degree of purity, as gold or silver.
7. Distinguished or noteworthy.
8. Enjoyable; pleasant.
9. Trained to the highest point of efficiency: said of an athlete, a horse, etc.
10. Cloudless; rainless.

1. Colloq. Very much; finely; well; excellently.
2. In billiards, in a manner producing a fine carom, etc.
v.t. & v.i. fined, fin·ing
To make or become purified, thin, or slender.
[<OF fin perfected <LL finus, a back formation <L finire complete <finis end]
Synonyms (adj.): beautiful, clarified, clear, comminuted, dainty, delicate, elegant, excellent, exquisite, gauzy, handsome, keen, minute, nice, polished, pure, refined, sensitive, sharp, slender, slight, small, smooth, splendid, subtile, subtle, tenuous, thin. Fine denotes that which has been brought to a full end, finished, consummated. From this root–sense many derived meanings branch out, causing words quite remote from each other to be synonyms of fine. That which is truly finished is excellent of its kind, and beautiful, if a thing that admits of beauty; as a fine house, fine trees, a fine woman, a fine morning. If it is a thing that admits of the removal of i