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Definition of: around

(ə·round) adverb
1. So as to encompass or encircle all sides; in various directions.
2. So as to face the opposite way or different ways successively.
3. U.S. From place to place; here and there: to walk around.
4. U.S. Colloq. Nearby; in the vicinity: Wait around until I call.
5. In or to a particular place: Come around to see us again.
6. U.S. Colloq. Approximately; about: around fifty dollars.
—to come around

1. To revive; regain consciousness.
2. To become convinced, as of an opinion.
—to get around

1. To coax; wheedle; cajole.
2. To overcome; as an obstacle; hence, to evade or circumvent, as a law or rule.
—to get around to
To give attention to or accomplish: He'll get around to it in time.
—to have been around
Colloq. To be experienced in the ways of the world.

1. About the circuit of; encircling: to travel around the world.
2. In all or many directions about: a field of force around either magnetic pole.
3. On the other side of; to be reached or found by passing to the left or right of: the church around the corner.
4. Here and there in; in the region of; in various parts of: He wandered around the city.
5. Somewhere near or within: You'll find me around the house.
6. Approximately: The train leaves around midnight. [<A-1 on + ROUND]

Most often used phrases:

area around
built around
revolves around
centered around
based around
around million
time around
around people
around years
people around
countries around
centers around
turn around
centred around
revolve around

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Statistical data

"around" has the frequency of use of 0.0391% on en.wikipedia.org.

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