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Definition of: between

(bi·twēn) adverb
In intervening time, space, position, or relation; at or during intervals: Rest periods were few and far between.
—in between
In an intermediate position or state; undecided.

1. In or at some point within the space separating two places or objects: He stepped between the combatants.
2. Intermediate in relation to qualities, conditions, periods of time, etc.: a flavor between sweet and sour; Come between one and two.
3. Involving in or as in joint or reciprocal action or relation: They had only five dollars between them.
4. Connecting, as in continuous extent or motion: the plane between New York and Paris.
5. One or the other of: How can you choose between them?
6. As a result of: Between her job and her housework, she had little time for her children. [OE betweonan <be- by + tweonan <twā two] Synonym (prep.): among. In strict usage between is used only of two objects; among of more than two; divide the money between the two, among the three. Between is, however, used at times of more than two objects, particularly when some reciprocal relation is denoted; as, a treaty between the three powers. See AMID.

Most often used phrases:

difference between
relationship between
differences between
distinction between
relations between
connection between
line between
link between
built between
conflict between
located between
border between
time between
match between
distance between

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