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(boi, boomacrē) noun
1. Naut. A float moored on a dangerous rock or shoal or at the edge of a channel, as a guide to navigators. Many are named according to shape or function: can buoy (cylindrical); nun buoy (conical); spar buoy (a spar anchored at one end); bell buoy, whistling buoy (buoys devised to sound with the motion of the waves: used to mark dangerous shoals or harbor entrances, respectively).
2. Any device or object for keeping a person in the water afloat: also called lifebuoy. Compare BREECHES BUOY.
1. To keep from sinking in a liquid; keep afloat.
2. To sustain the courage or heart of; encourage: usually with up.
3. Naut. To mark, as a channel, with buoys. [<MDu. boeie]
a. Nun buoy.
b. Can buoy.
c. Spar buoy.
d. Bell buoy.
e. Whistling buoy.
f. Gas–lighted buoy.

Most often used phrases:

buoy tender
marker buoy
buoy tenders
seagoing buoy
coastal buoy
data buoy
mooring buoy
weather buoy
buoy center
buoy system
lighted buoy
coast guard buoy
inland buoy
buoy wharf
trinity buoy

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"buoy" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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