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Definition of: butt

(but) v.t.
1. To strike with or as with the head or horns; ram.
2. To touch or bump against.
3. To cause to abut.
4. To abut on.
5. To join two things at the end; attach (one thing) to another, as a beam to a wall.

6. To make a butting motion; move by butting.
7. To project; jut out.
8. To make a butt joint.
9. To be or lie adjacent; abut.

1. A stroke, thrust, or push with or as with the head.
2. A thrust in fencing.
—to butt in
Colloq. To interrupt; interfere.
[<OF abouter strike, ult. <Gmc.]

Definition of: butt

(but) noun
1. A target, as for a rifle range.
2. Often plural The range itself.
3. The shelter for the score-keeper on a rifle range.
4. The retaining wall placed behind a target to stop the bullets: also target butt.
5. A target for ridicule or criticism.
6. A limit; bound. [<OF but end, goal, ult. <Gmc.]

Definition of: butt

(but) noun
1. The larger or thicker end of anything, as of a log.
2. That end or edge of a piece of timber where it comes squarely against another piece, or the joint thus formed.
3. A hinge.
4. The thick part of a tanned hide of leather.
5. The large end of the loin in beef.
6. U.S. Colloq. The buttocks.
7. The unused end of a cigar or cigarette. [Akin to Dan. but blunt, Du. bot short, stumpy]

Definition of: butt

(but) noun
1. A large cask.
2. A measure of wine, 126 U.S. gallons. Also but. [<OF boute]

Definition of: butt

See BUT2

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"butt" has the frequency of use of 0.0004% on en.wikipedia.org.

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