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Definition of: but

(but, unstressed bət) conj.
1. On the other hand; yet: I thought him honest, but he was lying.
2. Unless; if not: It never rains but it pours.
3. Excepting: Nothing would satisfy him but I come along.
4. Other than; otherwise than: I cannot choose but hear.
5. That: We don't doubt but matters will improve.
6. That. .. not: He is not so strong but a little exercise will do him good.
7. Who … not; which … not: Few sought his advice but were enlightened by it.
prep. With the exception of; save: owning nothing but his clothes.

1. Only; just: If I had but thought.
2. Merely; not otherwise than: She is but a child.
—all but
Almost: He is all but well.
—but for
Were it not for; without: But for me, how would you have succeeded?
—but what

1. But that; but those which: There are no events but what have meaning.
2. Colloq. But that: I don't know but what I will.
noun A verbal objection; exception; condition: without any ifs or buts.
[OE buten <be by + ūtan outside] Synonyms (conj.): and, barely, besides, except, further, however, just, merely, moreover, nevertheless, notwithstanding, only, provided, save, still, that, though, unless, yet. But ranges from the faintest contrast to absolute negation; as, I am willing to go, but (on the other hand) content to stay; he is not an honest man, but (on the contrary) a villain. Except and excepting are slightly more emphatic than but. Such expressions as “words are but breath” (nothing but) may be referred to the restrictive use by ellipsis. But never becomes a full synonym for and; and adds something like, but adds something different; “brave and tender” implies that tenderness is natural to the brave; “brave but tender” implies that bravery and tenderness are rarely combined. The omission or insertion of but often reverses the meaning. “I have no fear that he will do it” and “I have no fear but that he will do it” have contrary senses, the former indicating the feeling of certainty that he will not do it, and the latter the feeling of certainty that he will do it. Where ambiguity or haziness results from the use of but that, it can ordinarily be avoided by recasting the sentence. Compare NOTWITHSTANDING.

Definition of: but

(but) noun Brit.
Any of various kinds of flatfish, especially the halibut and flounder: also spelled butt. [? <Gmc. Cf. Du. bot flounder, Sw. butta turbot.]

Definition of: but

(but) v.t. & v.i. but·ted, but·ting
To abut.

Definition of: but

(but) noun Scot.
The kitchen or outer room of a two-roomed house.
—to be but and ben with
To live in close intimacy with.

Definition of: but


Most often used phrases:

but also
but it s
but i m
article but
but that s
but lost
time but
page but
notable but
but failed
years but
work but
but there s
me but
but due

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