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Definition of: doubt

(dout) v.t.
1. To hesitate to accept as true; hold as uncertain; disbelieve.
2. Obs. To be apprehensive of; fear.

3. To be in doubt; be uncertain.
4. To be mistrustful.

1. Lack of certain knowledge; uncertainty regarding the truth or reality of something.
2. A matter or case of dubitation; indecision.
3. A question requiring settlement, an objection.
4. Obs. Fear; dread. [<OF duter, douter <L dubitare; spelling refashioned after L]
Synonyms (verb): distrust, mistrust, surmise, suspect. To doubt is to lack conviction. Incompleteness of evidence may compel one to doubt, or some perverse bias of mind may so incline him. Distrust may express simply a lack of confidence. Mistrust and suspect imply that one is almost assured of positive evil; one may distrust himself or others; he suspects others. Mistrust is rarely used of persons, but only of motives, intentions, etc. Distrust is always serious: mistrust is often used playfully. Compare DOUBT noun, QUESTION, SUPPOSE. Antonyms: believe, trust. Synonyms (noun): disbelief, distrust, hesitancy, hesitation, incredulity, indecision, irresolution, misgiving, perplexity, question, scruple, suspense, suspicion, uncertainty. Doubt is lack of conviction; disbelief is conviction to the contrary; unbelief refers to a settled state of mind. Perplexity seeks a solution; doubt may be content to linger unresolved. Any improbable statement awakens incredulity. As regards practical matters, uncertainty applies to the unknown or undecided; doubt implies some negative evidence. Suspense regards the future, and is eager and anxious; uncertainty may relate to any period, and be quite indifferent. Misgiving is ordinarily in regard to the outcome of something already done or decided; hesitation, indecision, and irresolution have reference to something that remains to be decided or done and are due oftener to infirmity of will than to lack of knowledge. Distrust and suspicion apply especially to the motives, character, etc., of others, and are more decidedly adverse than doubt. Scruple relates to matters of conscience and duty. See PERPLEXITY, QUESTION. Antonyms: assurance, belief, certainty, confidence, conviction, decision, determination, persuasion, reliance, resolution, resolve, trust.

Most often used phrases:

reasonable doubt
highly doubt
don t doubt
cast doubt
doubt it s
casts doubt
doubt there s
strongly doubt
casting doubt
me doubt
doubt don t
doubt you ll
expressed doubt
sincerely doubt
doubt that s

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"doubt" has the frequency of use of 0.0041% on en.wikipedia.org.

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