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Definition of: faint

(fānt) v.i.
1. To lose consciousness; swoon: often with away.
2. Archaic To fail in courage or hope.
3. Obs. To become weak. See synonyms under FALL. [<adjective]

1. Lacking in purpose, courage, or energy; timid.
2. Ready to faint; weak.
3. Evincive of weakness, feebleness, or lack of purpose; slight.
4. Indistinct; feeble; dim.
noun A swoon; syncope:
also faint′·ing. ♦ Homophone: feint. [<OF, pp. of faindre FEIGN]
Synonyms (adj.): dim, exhausted, faded, faint–hearted, faltering, fatigued, feeble, half–hearted, ill–defined, indistinct, irresolute, languid, listless, purposeless, timid, weak, wearied, worn. Faint, with the general sense of lacking strength or effectiveness, covers a wide range of meaning, signifying overcome by physical weakness or exhaustion, or lacking in purpose, courage, or energy, as said of persons; or lacking definiteness or distinctness of color or sound, as said of written characters, voices, or musical notes. A person may be faint when physically wearied, or when overcome by fear; he may be a faint adherent because naturally feeble or purposeless, or because half–hearted in the cause; he may be a faltering supporter because naturally irresolute or because faint–hearted and timid in view of perils that threaten, a listless worker, through want of mental energy and purpose. Written characters may be faint or dim, either because originally written with poor ink, or because they have become faded by time and exposure. Antonyms: bright, brilliant, clear, conspicuous, daring, energetic, fresh, hearty, resolute, strong, sturdy, vigorous.

Most often used phrases:

faint praise
faint object
faint traces
faint hope
faint objects
faint blue
faint stars
faint light
faint white
faint star
feeling faint
faint dark
extremely faint
faint red
faint lines

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"faint" has the frequency of use of 0.0004% on city-data.com forum

"faint" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on en.wikipedia.org.

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