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Definition of: certificate

(sər·tifə·kit) noun
1. A written declaration or testimonial.
2. A writing signed and legally authenticated.
3. A writing or statement certifying that the one named therein has satisfactorily completed a certain educational course.
—gold (or silver) certificates
Certificates issued by the U.S. government, and used as currency, on the basis of gold (or silver) bullion of equal amounts deposited with the government for their redemption.
v.t. (-kāt) ·cat·ed, ·cat·ing
To furnish with or attest by a certificate.
[<Med. L certificatus, pp. of certificare. See CERTIFY.]
(sər·tifə·kə·tôr′ē, -tō′rē) adjective

Most often used phrases:

birth certificate
death certificate
certificate programs
school certificate
leaving certificate
type certificate
certificate program
general certificate
marriage certificate
graduate certificate
teaching certificate
certificate examination
certificate issued
victorian certificate
certificate examinations

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