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Definition of: dexterity

(dek·sterə·tē) noun
1. Readiness and skill in using the hands; expertness.
2. Mental quickness, adroitness, or skill. [<L dexteritas, -tatis skill, aptness <dexter on the right] Synonyms: adroitness, aptitude, cleverness, expertness, readiness, skill. Adroitness and dexterity might each be rendered “right-handedness”; but adroitness carries more of the idea of eluding, parrying, or checking some hostile movement, or taking advantage of another in controversy; dexterity conveys the idea of doing, accomplishing something readily and well, without reference to any action of others. We speak of adroitness in fencing, boxing, or debate; of dexterity in horsemanship, in the use of tools, weapons, etc. Aptitude is a natural readiness, which by practice may be developed into dexterity. Skill is more exact to line, rule, and method than dexterity. Dexterity can not be communicated; skill to a very great extent can be imparted. Compare ABILITY, ADDRESS, INGENUITY, POWER.

Most often used phrases:

manual dexterity
strength dexterity
agility dexterity
great dexterity
physical dexterity
finger dexterity
lyrical dexterity
verbal dexterity
dexterity constitution
dexterity dex
vocal dexterity
dexterity reflexes
dexterity coordination
high dexterity
speed dexterity

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Statistical data

"dexterity" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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