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Definition of: dram

(dram) noun
1. An apothecaries' weight equal to 60 grains, 3.88 grams, or one eighth of an ounce.
2. An avoirdupois measure equal to 27.34 grains, 1.77 grams, or one sixteenth of an ounce.
3. A drachma.
4. A drink of spirits: a dram of whisky.
5. In pharmacy, a fluid dram.
6. A small portion; a bit.
—fluid dram
A measure of capacity equal to one eighth of an ounce, 60 minims, or 3.69 cubic centimeters. Also fluid drachm: sometimes spelled fluidram, fluidrachm.
v.t. & v.i. drammed, dram·ming
To use intoxicants freely; to treat to liquor.
[<OF drame <L drachma. Doublet of DRACHMA.]

Most often used phrases:

dram chips
armenian dram
memory dram
dram memory
fiddler s dram
dram controller
dram sign
dram shop
edo dram
xdr dram
embedded dram
dram refresh
dram chip
fluid dram
dram modules

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"dram" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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