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Definition of: fierce

(firs) adjective
1. Having a violent and cruel nature or temper; savage; ferocious.
2. Violent in action; furious.
3. Vehement; passionate; extreme.
4. Slang Very bad; atrocious. [<OF fers, fiers, nominative sing. of fier proud <L ferus wild]
Synonyms: ferocious, fiery, furious, impetuous, raging, savage, uncultivated, untrained, violent, wild. Fierce signifies having a furious and cruel nature, or being in a furious and cruel mood. It applies to that which is intensely excited at the moment, or liable to intense and sudden excitement. Ferocious refers to a state or disposition; that which is fierce flashes or blazes; that which is ferocious steadily burns; we speak of a ferocious animal, a fierce passion. A fiery spirit with a good disposition is quickly excitable in a good cause, but may not be fierce or ferocious. Savage signifies untrained, uncultivated. Ferocious always denotes a tendency to violence; it is more distinctly bloodthirsty than the other words; a person may be deeply, intensely cruel, and not at all ferocious: a ferocious countenance expresses habitual ferocity; a fierce countenance may express habitual fierceness, or only the sudden anger of the moment. That which is wild is simply unrestrained; the word may imply no anger or harshness; as wild delight, wild alarm. See ARDENT, GRIM. Antonyms: affectionate, docile, gentle, harmless, kind, mild, patient, peaceful, submissive, tame, tender.

Most often used phrases:

fierce fighting
fierce battle
fierce resistance
fierce competition
sasha fierce
fierce opposition
fierce rivalry
fierce rivals
fierce battles
fierce panda
fierce debate
fierce fight
fierce opponent
fierce critic
fierce storm

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Statistical data

"fierce" has the frequency of use of 0.0005% on city-data.com forum

"fierce" has the frequency of use of 0.0008% on en.wikipedia.org.

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