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Definition of: finger

(finggər) noun
1. One of the digits of the hand, usually excluding the thumb.
2. Any small projecting piece or part, like a finger, as a lever.
3. A measure of length; the length of the middle finger.
4. A measure of depth, equal to the width of the finger.
5. That part of a glove which covers a finger.
—to burn one's fingers
To suffer the consequences of meddling or interfering.
—to have a finger in the pie
To take part in some matter.
—to have at one's finger tips
To have ready and available knowledge of.
—to put one's finger on
To identify or indicate correctly.
—to put the finger on
U.S. Slang

1. To betray to the police.
2. To indicate (the victim) of a planned crime.
—to twist around one's (little) finger

To be able to influence or manage with ease.

1. To touch or handle with the fingers; toy with.
2. To steal; purloin.
3. Music a To play (an instrument) with the fingers. b To mark the notes of (music) showing which fingers are to be used.
4. U.S. Slang a To betray. b To point out (the victim) of a planned crime.

5. To touch or feel anything with the fingers.
6. Music a To use the fingers on a musical instrument in a certain manner. b To be arranged for playing by the fingers: said of instruments. [OE]

Most often used phrases:

middle finger
zinc finger
finger eleven
finger death
finger protein
trigger finger
broken finger
bill finger
finger tips
finger pointing
third finger
first finger
pinky finger
finger lickin
finger cymbals

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"finger" has the frequency of use of 0.0031% on city-data.com forum

"finger" has the frequency of use of 0.001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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