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Definition of: flush

(flush) v.i.
1. To become red in the face or overspread with color; redden; blush.
2. To flow and spread suddenly; rush: The blood flushes in his veins.
3. To be washed out or cleansed by a sudden flow of water.

4. To cause to color, as with a rush of blood; make red or florid.
5. To encourage; excite: flushed with victory.
6. To wash out by a flow of water, as a sewer or an obstacle.

1. A heightened color; warm glow; blush.
2. Sudden elation or excitement.
3. A sudden blossoming out; growth; bloom.
4. A sudden gush or flow of water.

1. Full of life; vigorous.
2. Powerful and direct, as a blow.
adverb In a direct manner; squarely; straight.
[? <FLUSH4: infl. in meaning by flash, flow, bluish, etc.]

Definition of: flush

(flush) adjective
1. Having the surfaces in the same plane; level.
2. Printing Set even with the left edge of the type page; having no indention.
3. Naut. Of or pertaining to a ship with an upper deck extending in one level from stern to stern.
4. Full; copious.
5. Well supplied with money; spending freely.
v.t. To make level or straight.

1. A level or unbroken surface.
2. Abundance.

1. With level, unbroken surface or form.
2. Printing Without indention; straight. [? <FLUSH1]

Definition of: flush

(flush) noun
In some card games, a hand of cards all of one color; specifically, in poker, of one suit.
—royal flush
A hand of cards containing the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of one suit.
—straight flush
A poker hand having all the cards of the same suit and in sequence.
[Cf. F flux, flus <L fluxus A flow]

Definition of: flush

(flush) v.t. & v.i.
To drive or to be startled from cover; start up, as birds.
noun The act of startling a bird; also a bird or birds startled from cover.
[ME flusschen; origin uncertain]

Most often used phrases:

flush toilets
flush toilet
first flush
flush deck
flush left
flush draw
dual flush
flush reaction
alcohol flush
set flush
busted flush
fit flush
low flush
flush mounted
flush valve

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