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Definition of: flutter

(flutər) v.i.
1. To wave or flap rapidly and irregularly, as in the wind.
2. To flap the wings rapidly, in or as in erratic flight.
3. To move or proceed with irregular motion: to flutter to the ground.
4. To move about lightly and quickly; flit.
5. To be excited or nervous, as with hope, fear, or expectation.

6. To cause to flutter.
7. To excite; fluster. See synonyms under SHAKE.

1. The act of vibrating or quivering.
2. Agitation; confused or tumultous emotion.
3. An up-and-down motion of the feet used in various swimming strokes, especially the crawl.
4. Aeron. A periodic oscillation set up in any part of an airplane by mechanical disturbances and maintained by inertia, structural characteristics, etc.
5. Tremololike pulsations in the sound track of a motion picture, due to rapid fluctuations in motor speed.
6. Pathol. An abnormally rapid but rhythmical contraction of the atria of the heart; also auricular flutter. [OE flotorian]

Most often used phrases:

atrial flutter
wow flutter
aeroelastic flutter
wing flutter
flutter measurement
flutter valley
flutter phase
flutter tonguing
tail flutter
flutter speed
flutter ponies
fopling flutter
flutter valve
flutter tongue
heart flutter

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"flutter" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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