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Definition of: crawl

(krôl) v.i.
1. To move by thrusting one part of the body forward upon a surface and drawing the other part after, as a worm; creep.
2. To move slowly, feebly, or cautiously: A sick person crawls about.
3. To move or make progress meanly and insinuatingly; seek influence by servility.
4. To have a sensation as of crawling things upon the body.
5. To progress or grow by extending branches, etc., as a vine or creeping plant.
6. To be filled with things that crawl, as a dead body.
7. Colloq. To back down from a declared position.

1. The act of crawling; a creeping motion.
2. In swimming, a stroke made while lying face down, the arms being alternately thrust forward above the water.
—American crawl
A crawl stroke which combines a six–beat flutter kick with each stroke.
—Australian crawl
A crawl stroke which combines an eight–beat flutter kick with each stroke, the strokes being shorter than in the American crawl.
[<ON krafla paw with the hands]

Definition of: crawl

(krôl) noun
A pen or enclosure in the water for containing fish, turtles, etc. [Alter. of Du. kraal. See KRAAL.]

Most often used phrases:

pub crawl
front crawl
dungeon crawl
crawl back
crawl out of
camden crawl
skin crawl
opening crawl
crawl classics
art crawl
bar crawl
dot crawl
crawl inside
creepy crawl
crawl underneath

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"crawl" has the frequency of use of 0.0012% on city-data.com forum

"crawl" has the frequency of use of 0.0002% on en.wikipedia.org.

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