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Definition of: freemason

(frēmā′sən) noun
In the Middle Ages, a stonemason belonging to a craft guild that had secret signs and passwords, and that admitted as honorary members persons not connected with their craft, who were designated accepted masons.

Definition of: Freemason

(frēmā′sən) noun
A member of an extensive secret order or fraternity, dating from the Middle Ages, the members denoting themselves Free and Accepted Masons.
(frē′mə·sonik) adjective
·son·ry noun

Most often used phrases:

liberal freemason
freemason freemasonry
active freemason
prominent freemason
freemason lodge
freemason mason
fellow freemason
leading freemason
rite freemason
degree freemason
first freemason
freemason serving
famous freemason
hall freemason
english freemason

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"freemason" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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