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Definition of: fret

(fret) v. fret·ted, fret·ting v.t.
1. To irritate; worry; annoy.
2. To wear or eat away, as by chafing or gnawing; corrode; fray.
3. To form or make by wearing away.
4. To make rough; agitate: to fret the surface of a pond.

5. To be angry, troubled, or irritated; chafe.
6. To be worn or eaten away.
7. To become rough or agitated. See synonyms under PIQUE.

1. The act of fretting.
2. An abrasion, corrosion, or wearing away.
3. An abraded, worn, or eroded spot.
4. A state of irritation, ill temper, or vexation. [OE fretan devour]

Definition of: fret

(fret) noun
A ridge on a musical instrument, as a guitar, against which the strings may be stopped.
v.t. fret·ted, fret·ting
To provide with frets, as of a stringed instrument.
[Cf. OF frete ring]

Definition of: fret

(fret) noun
1. Ornamental work in relief, one by carving, cutting, or embossing; in a broad sense, perforated or interlaced ornamental work in wood or stone or in painting.
2. An ornament characterized by angular interlocked or interlacing lines.
3. A headdress of wire of precious metal, often ornamented with gems: worn by women in medieval times.
v.t. fret·ted, fret·ting
To ornament with fretwork; embroider with gold or silver thread.
[Prob. <OF frette a lattice, trellis]

Most often used phrases:

fret buttons
fret board
don t fret
second fret
transfer fret
first fret
fifth fret
third fret
fret button
twelfth fret
fret markers
fret positions
sncf fret
colored fret
fret buzz

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"fret" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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