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Definition of: from

(frum, from; unstressed frəm) prep.
1. Starting at (a particular place or time): the plane from Chicago; busy from six until nine.
2. Out of (something serving as a holder or container): She drew a pistol from her purse.
3. Not near to or in contact with: far from the madding crowd.
4. Out of the control or authority of: released from custody.
5. Out of the totality of: six cigarettes from the pack.
6. As being other or another than: He couldn't tell me from my brother.
7. As being in adverse relation to: from grave to gay.
8. Because of: having as the foundation, origin, or cause: Skill comes from practice.
9. With (some person, place, or thing) as the instrument, maker, or source: a note from your mother; silks from Rome. [OE fram, from]

Most often used phrases:

changed from
derived from
graduated from
made from
removed from
people from
retired from
ranging from
from unassessed class
moved from
from unknown class
coming from
single from
edit from

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Statistical data

"from" has the frequency of use of 0.497% on en.wikipedia.org.

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