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Definition of: crowd

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(kroud) noun
1. A numerous collection of persons gathered closely together; multitude; throng.
2. A collection of things.
3. The populace mob.
4. Colloq. A particular set of people; a clique. See synonyms under ASSEMBLY, COMPANY, MOB, THRONG. [<v.]

1. To shove or push.
2. To fill to overflowing, as with a crowd; fill to excess.
3. To cram together; force into a confined space.
4. Colloq. To put moral pressure upon; press annoyingly.

5. To gather in large numbers; throng together.
6. To push forward force one's way.
7. To shove or push. See synonyms under HUSTLE, JAM.
—to crowd off
Naut. To work a vessel off from the shore under heavy press of sail.
—to crowd out
To drive out or exclude by pushing or pressing, morally or physically; eliminate by pressure: The press of business has crowded out this matter.
—to crowd on sail
Naut. To spread a very great amount of sail in proportion to the strength of the wind.
[OE crūdan]

Definition of: crowd

(kroud) noun
An ancient violinlike instrument, used in Ireland and Wales: also spelled cruth, crwth. Also croud, crowth. [<Welsh crwth violin]

Most often used phrases:

ge crowd
record crowd
home crowd
largest crowd
crowd control
huge crowd
capacity crowd
sellout crowd
crowd gathered
crowd favorite
crowd favourite
large crowd
crowd noise
sold out crowd
sell out crowd

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"crowd" has the frequency of use of 0.0065% on city-data.com forum

"crowd" has the frequency of use of 0.0026% on en.wikipedia.org.

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