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Definition of: gall

(gôl) noun
1. Physiol. The bitter fluid secreted by the liver; bile.
2. Bitter feeling; malignity.
3. Any bitter and trying experience.
4. Anat. The sac containing the bile: also gall bladder.
5. U.S. Slang Cool impudence; effrontery. [OE gealla]

Definition of: gall

(gôl) noun
1. An abrasion or excoriation, as by the friction of harness on a horse.
2. Brit. A blemish.
3. A locality made barren by exhaustion of the soil.
4. U.S. Dial. Low–lying wet land.
5. A person or thing that irritates or galls.

1. To make sore or injure (the skin) by friction; chafe.
2. To vex or irritate.

3. To be or become chafed or irritated. See synonyms under INCENSE. [Prob. <GALL1]

Definition of: gall

(gôl) noun
1. An excrescence on plants, caused by insects, bacteria, or a parasitic fungus. The galls of commerce are produced by a gallfly which lays its eggs in the soft twigs of an oak (Quercus lusitanica) of western Asia and southern Europe. Galls contain tannin, and are used in inkmaking, dyeing, etc.
2. A similar excrescence on animals. [<F galle <L galla the gallnut]

Most often used phrases:

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saint gall
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joseph gall
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innse gall

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"gall" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on city-data.com forum

"gall" has the frequency of use of 0.0002% on en.wikipedia.org.

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