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Definition of: gate

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(gāt) noun
1. A movable barrier, commonly swinging on hinges: often distinguished from a door by having openwork.
2. An opening or passageway, as in a barrier, fence, wall, or enclosure, often with its surrounding masonry or woodwork; a portal.
3. Geog. A mountain gap or natural passageway.
4. That which gives or affords access: the gates of hell.
5. A frame in which a saw (or set of saws) is stretched.
6. Mech. A valve controlling the water supply of a water wheel or the like.
7. Metall. a A pouring hole in a mold. b A sprue or waste piece on a casting formed in a pouring hole.
8. A hinge. See illustration under HINGE.
9. The total paid admissions at a sports event; the total attendance. See synonyms under ENTRANCE.
v.t. gat·ed, gat·ing
Brit. To keep (a college student) within the gates as a punishment.
♦ Homophone: gait. [OE gatu, plural of geat opening]

Definition of: gate

(gāt) noun Scot.
1. Method of doing; manner; way.
2. A course or path. ♦ Homophone: gait. [<ON gata way]

Most often used phrases:

main gate
dragon gate
lions gate
city gate
entrance gate
west gate
south gate
baldur s gate
gate receipts
east gate
toll gate
north gate
front gate
gate theatre
brandenburg gate

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Statistical data

"gate" has the frequency of use of 0.0032% on city-data.com forum

"gate" has the frequency of use of 0.0029% on en.wikipedia.org.

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