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Definition of: gipsy

(jipsē) noun plural ·sies
One of any wandering group of people living the gipsy life; an itinerant tinker, farrier, etc.
v.i. ·sied, ·sy·ing
To live or wander like a gipsy.
adjective Of, pertaining to, or like a gipsy or the Gipsies; unconventional; wandering; Bohemian. Also spelled gypsy.

Definition of: Gipsy

(jipsē) noun plural ·sies
1. A member of a wandering, dark–haired, dark–skinned people originating in India and appearing in Europe in the 15th century, now known in every part of the world as itinerant metalworkers, musicians, fortune–tellers, and, formerly, horse dealers.
2. Romany, their language. Also spelled Gypsy. [<Earlier gipcyan, aphetic var. of Egypcyan Egyptian]

Most often used phrases:

havilland gipsy
gipsy kings
gipsy major
gipsy queen
gipsy hill
gipsy iii
gipsy encampments
guruh gipsy
scholar gipsy
gipsy engine
gipsy smith
gipsy daniels
gipsy lane
gipsy girl
gipsy road

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"gipsy" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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