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Definition of: gnomon

(nōmon) noun
1. The triangular piece whose shadow points out the time of day on a sundial, or anything, as a pillar, used for a similar purpose.
2. The index of the hour circle of a globe.
3. Geom. The figure that remains after a parallelogram has been removed from the corner of a similar but larger parallelogram, as BCIGDE or FCAGHE. The diagonally opposite parallelograms ADEB, EHIF, or GHED, EFCB, are called complements of each other or of the whole parallelogram.
4. Math. One of the terms of an arithmetical series by which polygonal numbers are found: also gnomonic number. [<Gk. gnōmōn an indicator <gnō-, stem of gignōskein know]

Most often used phrases:

gnomon school
gnomon press
golden gnomon
vertical gnomon
gnomon workshop
gnomon shadows
gnomon island
string gnomon
sundial s gnomon
gnomon armillary sphere
word gnomon
sundial gnomon
triangular gnomon
montco gnomon
gnomon magic

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